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12.10.17: The Law of American Civil Procedure: An Introduction and Comparison with the German Legal System

slides Lecture 12.10.2017



19.10.17: Subject Matter Jurisdiction


      26.10.17: Introduction, Causes of Action and Personal Jurisdiction (Part I)

         “Introduction to the United States Legal System” – Johns & Perschbacher

         sites/usrecht/WS_17_18_Unterlagen/Civil_Procedure/Forms_of_Action_I.pdfForms of Action “Lecture I” – Maitland

         Forms of Action “Lecture VII” – Maitland

      02.11.17: Personal Jurisdiction and Process (Part II)

         “Transnational Service of Process and Discovery in Federal Court Proceedings: An

Overview” – Phillip A. Buhler 

         Pleading example – Summons in a Civil Action

         sites/usrecht/WS_17_18_Unterlagen/Civil_Procedure/Pleading_-_Request_for_Service_Abroad.pdfPleading example – Request for Service Abroad of Judicial or Extrajudicial Documents


09.11.17: Choice of Jurisdiction

         “Forum Selection and Choice of Law Clauses in International Contracts: A United States Viewpoint with Particular Reference to Maritime Contracts and Bills of Lading” – Phillip A. Buhler


16.11.17: Pleadings – Claims and Defenses

         “Pleadings” – Cheeseman

         Pleading example – Amended Answer & Affirmative Defenses with Crossclaim and Counterclaim 

         Pleadings - Claims and Defenses



23.11.17: Prejudgment Security and Remedies

         “Provisional Measures in Cross Border Cases” – Jonathan I. Blackman

         “Provisional Relief in Transnational Litigation” – George A. Burman

          Prejudgement Security

30.11.17: Discovery

         Pleading example – Interrogatories

         Pleading example – Request for Production

         Pleading example – Request for Admissions

         Pleading example – Notice of Taking Rule 30(b)(6) Deposition Duces Tecum

         Pleading example – Notice of Taking Deposition Duces Tecum of Company Representatives 



07.12.17: Motion Practice

         Pleading example – Motion to Dismiss and to Strike

         Pleading example – Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Strike

         Pleading example – Motion for Summary Judgment


 14.12.17: Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation and Arbitration

         “About ADR & Mediation”www.flcourts.org 

         “Mediation in Florida”www.flcourts.org 

        Overview of Court-Sponsored Federal Mediation Program – Eastern District of Tennessee


21.12.17: Pre-trial Procedures

         Pleading example – Case Management and Scheduling Order and Referral to Mediation




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