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Study of European Law in Cologne, Germany, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg, France

19 May to 9 June 2018


The Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, USA and the University of Cologne are hosting the "Summer Study of European Law in Cologne" program at the University of Cologne. It is aimed at students of American Law Schools. Within three weeks, the students will be taught the law of the European Union. The duration of the Summer School is based on the requirements of the American Bar Association (ABA). This will allow students to earn up to 5 credit points through the Summer School for their law studies in the United States.

The modules include courses such as Introduction to Comparative Law, Public Law of the European Union and Private and Intellectual Property Law of the European Union.

In addition to the classroom program and visits to important EU judicial and governmental sites in Luxembourg and Strasbourg, a number of cultural excursions in Germany are included such as the birth house museum of Beethoven in Bonn, a guided tour through the Augustusburg Palace in Brühl; a guided tour through the Cathedral of Cologne and visits to the local courts and city hall.

Students will take a comprehensive written examination on the last day of class. Upon successful completion of the three-week course of study, a student may choose to do practical training under the tutelage of a practicing lawyer in an international law office that uses the English language to practice international law or American law, and to demonstrate to the student the possibilities for employment in international and foreign legal settings.

Please find further details here: https://www.law.duq.edu/academics/study-abroad-summer-programs/european/curriculum


“Duquesne’s European summer abroad program offered me the incomparable opportunity to live what I was learning. My externship at Poellath and Partners in Munich allowed me to assist real clients and gave me an experience I will surely discuss in future employment interviews.” – R. Wenger (participant of the summer school in 2016)